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Dive into innovation and connection at the Ignite Fitness Business Events, presented by Mel Tempest in Melbourne. With the dynamic Ignite Fitness Business Roundtable on Friday and the pioneering Ignite Women’s Health Summit on Saturday, these sessions are designed to inspire, educate and elevate the fitness industry. Prepare for two days of impactful learning and networking.

Ignite Fitness Business Roundtable

Embark on a day of intensive learning and networking from 9am to 4pm. The Ignite Fitness Business Roundtable Event offers unparalleled opportunities for fitness professionals to collaborate, discuss emerging trends, and strategise business growth under the guidance of industry leaders.

Ignite Women's Health Summit 

On Saturday, from 9am to 3pm, delve into the specialised field of menopause, postpartum, nutrition, and female training at the Ignite Women’s Health Summit. This unique forum is dedicated to educating fitness professionals on creating impactful wellness programs for women in different life cycles and empowering themselves and their clients through this transformative phase.


Craig Harper

Friday Opening Keynote Speaker

Edwina Griffin

Saturday Keynote Speaker

Barrie Elvish

Friday Closing Keynote Speaker

Katherine Stewart

Friday Keynote Speaker


Edward Curtain
World Wellness


Tracy Minnoch-Nuku
Women’s Health & Fitness Expert
Sexy Ageing

Benji Donhardt
Co-Founder & Director

Lisa Lord
General Manager, Mystery Shopping for Fitness Businesses

Emmett Williams
CEO MyZone
Asia Pacific

Mel Tempest
Fitness Business Speaker | Group Fitness Program Consultant,
Tempest Fitness Business Solutions

Richard Toutounji
Founder & CEO
COM Marketing

Justin Tamsett
Active Management

Nigel Benton
Australasian Leisure Management

Steve Jensen
Founder and Managing Director,
Impact Training & National Sales Academy

Jen Dugard
Founder, MumSafe™️
Director, AUSactive

Grant Gamble
Wellness Expert
Grant Ian Gamble

Reece Zondag
Fitness College

Scott Hunt
Fitness Enhancement

Daz Wrigley
Partnerships Director Australia
Les Mills Asia Pacific

Michael Friedman
Co-Founder & CMO

Tahnee Donkin
National Fitness Manager
Genesis Health + Fitness




Ignite Fitness 2023 brochure

Discover the future of fitness with the Ignite Fitness 2023 brochure. Download now and unlock a world of cutting-edge trends, innovative programs, and expert insights that will inspire and transform your fitness journey.


It’s not too late to become a sponsor of  Ignite Fitness Business an event for personal trainers, gym owners, those wishing to start a business and frontline teams. We pride ourselves on creating a personalised event for independent business owners.

Craig Harper

B.Ex.Sci., PhD. Candidate

Craig Harper is one of Australia’s leading presenters, writers and educators in the areas of health, high-performance, resilience, self-management, leadership, corporate change, communication, personal transformation and more broadly, human behaviour. Craig has worked as an Exercise Scientist, Corporate Speaker and Consultant, University Lecturer, AFL Conditioning Coach, Radio Host, TV Presenter, Newspaper Columnist and successful Business Owner. He hosts a high-rating Podcast called ‘The You Project’, is the author of seven books and is currently completing a Ph.D. in Neuropsychology.

Edwina Griffin

Edwina Griffin

Founder and Director, AtOne

With over 30 years of expertise, is a health and high-performance expert specialising in the intersection of body, mind, and soul for individual and organisational benefit. As a nationally accredited mediator and negotiator, she focuses on communication, dispute resolution, and emotional intelligence in the workplace. Edwina offers wellness programs, dispute resolution, and communication training, as well as healing retreats, helping transform both personal lives and workplace cultures.


Barrie Elvish

CEO of AUSactive

Barrie Elvish, CEO of AUSactive, is a seasoned leader in the Australian Fitness Industry. With a robust background, he has steered AUSactive to prominence. Barrie is recognized for his strategic vision and operational expertise, contributing to the company’s success in promoting physical activity and well-being. With extensive experience in fitness and sports management, he has played a pivotal role in shaping the industry landscape. Barrie is dedicated to fostering a healthier nation, and his leadership at AUSActive reflects a commitment to advancing fitness on a national scale. His dynamic approach and industry contributions underscore his influence and impact.

Katherine Stewart

Senior Associate, Velocity Legal

Katherine is passionate about employment law. She knows that a driving factor of a successful business is the capacity to build strong employment relationships and effectively manage disputes that arise.

Before becoming a lawyer, Katherine was engaged as a Workplace Relations Advisor at a professional association. This ‘on the ground’ experience helped to develop Katherine’s practical approach to resolving complex workplace problems.

As a legal practitioner, Katherine has worked extensively with HR managers, business owners and executives across a diverse range of industries from health to construction. She prides herself on her capacity to think laterally whilst maintaining a keen eye for legal detail.

Katherine holds a Bachelor of Arts and Juris Doctor from the University of Melbourne.

Edward Curtain

World Wellness

Edward Curtain is an accomplished leader with 30+ years of experience in international business development for health, wellness, fitness, sports, recreation, spa, and education. My expertise extends to growing super-brands such as Nike Sports Camps®, Anytime Fitness®, Technogym®, spearheading world-class Wellness projects such as Cooper®, Vitalake®, Octave®, and successfully overseeing B2B contracts for leading global brands including Tencent®, Midea® and Lenovo®. 

Tracy Minnoch-Nuku

Women’s Health & Fitness Expert, Sexy Ageing

With over 30 years in the fitness industry, Tracy has evolved from a Group Fitness Teacher and Personal Trainer into a prominent advocate for women’s health, particularly in menopause education. Her extensive experience includes developing fitness teams and programs across Asia. Tracy’s personal journey with menopause, detailed in her book “My Menopause Memoir” and the “Sexy Ageing” podcast, underscores her commitment to empowering women through knowledge and community support.

Ben Donhardt

Co-Founder & Director, Supafitgrow

Fitness industry veteran and successful gym owner, Benji is an established and prominent figure within the industry. With extensive knowledge and experience, Benji is a trusted advisor and mentor to gym owners and fitness professionals alike. Benji’s passion and innovative mindset have driven significant growth for his clients, solidifying his position as a trailblazer and influential leader.

Lisa Lord

General Manager, Mystery Shopping for Fitness Businesses

Experienced and results orientated Lisa delivers exceptional customer service, reflecting her commitment to her clients’ success.  She combines a warm, compassionate personality with steely determination and focus.  Lisa’s early experience working in Media followed by her career in the Real Estate Industry that spans over 25 years is where she has honed her Sales, Marketing and Customer Service skills.  Dedicated to her clients’ success shines through in her everyday approach and she is both passionate and proactive with a genuine knowledge and belief that Mystery Shopping can make a huge difference in your business.   Lisa is an avid bibliophile, works as a writer and editor in her spare time and is a member of a Melbourne fitness centre where she trains most days. 

Emmett Williams

CEO Myzone, Asia Pacific

I’m Emmett a founding Partner in the global wearable technology brand Myzone – a hardware, cloud-ware, and software mix that drives exercise adherence for the end user, and customer engagement metrics for the network partner. Check it out at MYZONE.org 

I moved from Australia to the USA in 2011 to manage Myzone through the developmental phase of its commercial existence. After 2 years of beta with the product, and 2 years of establishing product market fit through a significant amount of market interface, I was part of the senior team that led the company thru its ‘go to market’ phase in 2013/14, seeing the system now installed in over 7000 health clubs in 60+ different countries. The platform is currently attracting tens of thousands of new users every month, changing behaviour one exerciser at a time.  

Mel Tempest

Fitness Business Speaker | Group Fitness Program Consultant | Creator of Ideas and Innovation for Suppliers and Club Owners

Mel stands as an indomitable force, a trailblazer igniting transformation within the fitness industry. Garnering five prestigious global awards, she’s a beacon of innovation and inspiration. In 2017, she shattered barriers as the first Australian to receive a scholarship from IHRSA, setting a precedent for excellence.

Recognised as a top influencer by the Association of Fitness Studios in consecutive years, 2019 and 2020, Mel’s leadership knows no bounds. Her ascent to the Top #5 Smart Company in 2017 underscores her relentless pursuit of excellence.

At the helm of Ignite Fitness Business Events and her acclaimed podcast, Mel orchestrates change with finesse. Her pioneering strategies in fitness consulting and club management champion unique market niches, seamless technology integration and unwavering operational standards.

Mel’s fervor for catalysing industry evolution transcends borders, epitomising global leadership. Her journey epitomises the power of personal transformation and success, irrespective of formal education. Recognised with the prestigious role of honour by AUSactive in 2022, Mel’s influence continues to soar.

In 2023, she assumed the mantle of board Director at AUSactive, further solidifying her commitment to shaping the industry’s future. Mel’s legacy is one of relentless innovation, inspiring generations to redefine possibilities and embrace change.

Richard Toutounji

Founder & ceo, com marketing

As the owner of Australia’s first Private Fitness Studio and founder of one of fastest growing corporate wellness companies, for 21 years, Richard Toutounji is known as the go-to-Authority in the fitness industry. Richard Toutounji along with his wife Joey Toutounji founded COM Marketing, educating health & fitness studios globally.

Their award winning COM Marketing Ninja Program has empowered thousands of Fitness Studios and have now been recognised by the governing bodies, partnering on marketing education with AUSactive, Exercise New Zealand, Pilates Alliance Australia & Yoga Australia.

Richard is a best selling Author and International Speaker. He is a serial entrepreneur and is obsessed with helping fitness business owners achieve impossibilities through his proven experiences and programs to create a healthier, happier world. Richard currently resides in Sunshine Coast, Queensland Australia with his wife and 2 boys.

Justin Tamsett

Director, Active Management

Justin is a fitness industry “lifer”! As a former multi-gym owner, JT was frustrated not knowing what was being said in sales presentations and he ran out of friends to ask to mystery shop his clubs.  Now under the leadership of Lisa Lord Mystery Shopping For Fitness Businesses works with some of the country’s largest brands. JT is facilitates 8 REX Roundtables, founder of the Fitness Business Podcast & Managing Director of Active Management.

Nigel Benton

Publisher, Australasian Leisure Management

Nigel Benton is the co-founder and Publisher of Australasian Leisure Management, Australia, New Zealand and the Asia-Pacific’s only magazine for professionals in all areas of the leisure industry and the www.ausleisure.com website – the go to news resource for industry leaders and professionals.
With a long-term commitment to communicating all that is best about all aspects of the fitness and leisure industries, I have unique experience in working across corporate and business-to-business media channels.
My career has been defined by an ability to develop and implement industry communications backed by credible high-level media liaison and journalism skills, establishing commercial relationships and building advertising revenue, circulation and readership to maximise market exposure and growth.

Steve Jensen

Impact Training & National Sales Academy

Steve Jensen (Dr J) is a world-renowned expert in business sales and development, with over 30 years of experience in the industry. As an award-winning, presenter and sales coach, Steve has helped countless businesses around the globe double and triple their sales income by empowering sales teams with up-to-date tools, strategies, communication techniques, and skills. Steve is recognised as one of the best in the business, and everyone knows that if you get an opportunity to learn from him, you seize it. 

Jen Dugard

Founder, MumSafe™️ and Director, AUSactive

Jen Dugard is the founder of MumSafe™️, creator of the pre-and-postnatal certification Safe Return to Exercise™️ and author of the book How to Love Your Body as Much as Your Baby.
With over 17 years of industry experience, Jen’s ultimate mission is to ensure all mums are looked after safely & effectively within the fitness industry.
Jen serves both mums and exercise professionals alike, ensuring exercise professionals are correctly educated and up-skilled in working with their pre & postnatal clients whilst simultaneously educating mums themselves and connecting them with these trainers via mumsafe.com.au

Grant Gamble

Wellness Expert, grant ian gamble

Grant’s career as a transformative leader in the fitness and wellness industry is highlighted by some remarkable achievements, including spearheading a 15x revenue growth for a fitness franchise and building a $100m benchmark US wellness group. These accomplishments highlight his expertise in driving retention and fostering growth within the fitness and wellness sector. His innovative work includes a best selling leadership book, “The Affinity Principle” and the creation of the AI-driven AFFINITY OS platform. Grant’s approach is deeply rooted in the creation of strong, engaged communities within the fitness industry. As a featured speaker, Grant brings invaluable insights into the dynamics of customer and team engagement, proving that sustainable success is built on the foundation of meaningful relationships and strategic innovation.”

Reece Zondag

Director, Fitness College

Reece has been in the fitness industry for more than 30 years including leadership roles as CEO of Les Mills and on the Board of Exercise New Zealand.  Since leaving the corporate world, Reece has been sharing his wisdom to help club owners in Australia and New Zealand achieve their business goals.  Along the way, he has learned a lot about what it takes to make a fitness business truly world class.  In his experience, the secret of success starts with finding and keeping the right people.  Reece is the man to talk to if you are looking for a way to find, train and retain trainers in your fitness business.

Scott Hunt

Founder and CEO, Fit Your Ability

Scott Hunt is the founder and CEO of Fit Your Ability, an NDIS registered Personal Training and disability support company servicing over 4,000 suburbs around Australia. Beginning in 1999 as Fitness Enhancement Personal Training, and franchising in 2014 to partner with other businesses in the fitness industry, Scott’s companies have always been about helping those who need to exercise with a fitness professional, but feel that gyms can’t cater to their ability. 

As Australia’s largest and longest-running NDIS registered fitness company, Scott and his team advocate for a more inclusive fitness industry with the goal of the fitness industry being truly inclusive to all abilities.

Scott has a Bachelor in Business Majoring in Sports Management, a Certificate III and IV in Fitness and his multi-award-winning companies most recently won the 2022 AusActive Employer of Choice (for a brand with 10+ locations) and the 2023 AusActive Franchise Group of the Year.

Daz Wrigley

Partnerships Director, Les Mills Asia Pacific

Daz Wrigley is the Partnerships Director for Australia at Les Mills Asia Pacific.

With 32+ years’ industry experience, as a specialist in Sales and Business Development with training in professional development, leadership and communication, Daz leads the Australian Business Team at Les Mills Asia Pacific. In this role, he helps his team support fitness facilities to achieve their short and long-term member acquisition, retention and business growth goals, by leveraging the world’s best group fitness workouts.

Like Les Mills Asia Pacific, Daz is for a fitter planet. His goal is simple: to help create healthy fitness businesses, so members fall in love with fitness.

Daz lives in Sydney with his partner Gayle and two young daughters, Charlotte and Monique.

Michael Friedman

Co-Founder & CMO, Supafitgrow 

With over 17 years of experience in the field which began at Coca-Cola, Michael has a proven track record of success in sales and  marketing. Holding a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing from Deakin University, Michael’s academic background has provided him with a strong foundation in marketing principles and helped him develop a keen analytical mindset.

Oh, and he is a passionate long-distance trail runner & gym junkie too!

Tahnee Donkin

National Fitness Manager, Genesis Health + Fitness

Tahnee is the National Fitness Manager at Genesis Health + Fitness, with 16 years’ experience in the fitness industry. Starting her journey as a Personal Trainer Franchisee in a big box gym setting, Tahnee has since progressed into Personal Training Management roles at a club, regional and national level, overseeing fitness initiatives for some of Australia’s top health club brands.