Ignite Fitness Business Events

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Dive into innovation and connection at the Ignite Fitness Business Events, presented by Mel Tempest in Melbourne. With the dynamic Ignite Fitness Business Roundtable on Friday and the pioneering Ignite Women’s Health Summit on Saturday, these sessions are designed to inspire, educate and elevate the fitness industry. Prepare for two days of impactful learning and networking.

Ignite Fitness Business Roundtable

Embark on a day of intensive learning and networking from 9am to 4pm. The Ignite Fitness Business Roundtable Event offers unparalleled opportunities for fitness professionals to collaborate, discuss emerging trends, and strategise business growth under the guidance of industry leaders.

Ignite Women's Health Summit 

On Saturday, from 9am to 3pm, delve into the specialised field of menopause, postpartum, nutrition, and female training at the Ignite Women’s Health Summit. This unique forum is dedicated to educating fitness professionals on creating impactful wellness programs for women in different life cycles and empowering themselves and their clients through this transformative phase.

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