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What does a high-performance business look like? And function like? Professionally? Practically? Culturally? Socially? Are people saying great things about you, your business and what you do? What does high performance mean for your organisation, team and individuals? What do you base your version of high-performance on? What matters most in your business? Customer satisfaction? Profit? Efficiency? The happiness of your employees? Workplace culture? Client retention? Growth? What are the skills, qualities, attributes and habits of high-performers? Who makes a great leader, and why? What’s going great on Planet You, and what could be better? As a business, what is your unique selling proposition? Are people compelled to be a member, customers and clients because what you do and how you do it is exceptional? Do they want to be part of what you’re about? 

In his typically casual and interactive style, he is an Exercise Scientist, Entrepreneur, Author, Podcaster, and PhD. Candidate and Fitness Industry Pioneer Craig Harper will unpack these questions and more.


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How To Use Technology To See More People

Are you ready to:

If so, then this is the session for you. Selling fitness has changed. It is now essential to update your connection, conversion strategies and skills to ensure you make the most of technology and maximise every opportunity to increase your membership and PT client base. Learn how to optimise your use of technology and increase your appointments. You’ll also take back to your club, centre or studio new to set up your technology to successfully present online and increase your sales.

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Memberships for today… and tomorrow!

The landscape for gym memberships has changed dramatically – and there are a myriad of competitive offerings out there, from casual passes, class packs, term memberships to paid in full memberships. In this thought provoking session, Michelle shares industry insight, along with some tips and tricks for maximizing your membership offerings.

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The Future of Digital Marketing

What your club needs to do to be ahead of digital algorithms.  The keys to motivating more people into your club through your digital content and deployment.  Save thousands and make millions.

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Property Law Issues

Are you a gym/fitness centre owner or thinking of opening one? Join Joel for an essential session on property law issues that all owners should consider before entering a lease. Joel’ll discuss key leasing terms, planning requirements, fit out clauses, and noise restrictions that can impact your business’s success. You’ll gain valuable insights into navigating lease negotiations, ensuring compliance with local regulations, and avoiding common pitfalls. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from Joel and leave with a better understanding of property law issues affecting the fitness industry.

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Commercial Law Issues

Join Edward for an informative session on commercial law issues that can arise when buying and selling gyms/fitness centres, with a particular focus on franchising issues. Edward will discuss the potential challenges and risks involved in franchise agreements. He’ll also cover the complexities of transferring franchise agreements when selling a gym/fitness centre, including restrictive covenants and the franchisor’s right of first refusal. Gain valuable insights into these critical issues and learn how to navigate them successfully with the help of expert legal advice.

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Understanding The Ecosystem

Exploring and understanding an ecosystem approach to enhance how you engage and support members, grow revenue and have more impact.


The industry is welcoming new joiners who are younger than ever before. This generation has a new perspective on health and wellbeing but can your business speak their language? In this session, Les Mills Asia Pacific will help you gain an understanding of what makes ‘Generation Active’ tick, and how supporting their fitness goals in-club puts you on the right track for their long-term loyalty.

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The Future of Franchising

Turning her passion for health, fitness and wellness into a lifelong career, Belinda boasts over three decades of experience in the fitness industry assisting hundreds of clubs and business owners to maximize their business potential. After ten years within the Fernwood brand, Belinda truly embodies Fernwood’s ethos to, ‘Empower women to shine’. As General Manager, Belinda plays an integral part of Fernwood’s continued success, working across multiple teams, projects and partnerships.

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2024 and beyond

Step into the future of fitness with Barrie Elvish, CEO of AUSActive, as he delivers a thought-provoking closing keynote session at Ignite Fitness Business, where he will take you on a journey through the exciting opportunities that await the fitness industry beyond 2024. Drawing on his extensive experience, Barrie will provide a detailed overview of the emerging trends and transformative changes that are expected to shape the future of fitness. He will also showcase AUSActive’s key business and operational milestones in 2023, highlighting their commitment to driving innovation and excellence in the field.

As a passionate advocate for collaboration and community, Barrie will be available throughout the day to connect with attendees and share his insights on the industry. This is a unique chance to engage with a respected thought leader and gain invaluable knowledge and inspiration for your own business. Don’t miss out on this unmissable keynote session and discover the exciting future that lies ahead for the fitness industry.


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How to leverage wearable technology to create value and capture more yield

I’m Emmett a founding Partner in the global wearable technology brand Myzone – a hardware, cloud-ware, and software mix that drives exercise adherence for the end user, and customer engagement metrics for the network partner. Check it out at

I moved from Australia to the USA in 2011 to manage Myzone through the developmental phase of its commercial existence. After 2 years of be-ta with the product, and 2 years of establishing product market fit through a significant amount of market interface, I was part of the senior team that led the company thru its ‘go to market’ phase in 2013/14, seeing the system now installed in over 7000 health clubs in 60+ different countries. The platform is currently attracting tens of thousands of new users every month, changing behaviour one exerciser at a time.

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Psychological claims in workplaces have increased by 90%  per year and mental health costs Australian workplaces $10.9 Billion per annum. 

Eddy will discuss disputes, bullying and harassment in the workplace and how to create and maintain a healthy workplace culture.  Learn about changes to WHS laws and requirements in Australia that may impact your responsibilities as a business owner and/or may provide business opportunities and new income streams for your business. 

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Onboarding Staff Is A Critical Component of the hiring process and your companies’ culture

The onboarding training session for gym’s and exercise businesses is a critical component of the hiring process. It aims to integrate new staff members into the company culture, ensure that they understand their role and responsibilities, and equip them with the necessary knowledge and skills to perform their duties effectively. This session will discuss the 6 C’s of onboarding staff.

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What’s Killing Your Sales On Calls & Visits | We Know.

Fitness business leaders spend hours (and money) on marketing and training their sales team but do they really know what happens when a prospect calls or visits the club?  Do they really know how and if their team is delivering a wonderful experience? Do they really know what steps are being missed?  We have been mystery shopping gyms for over a decade and have in depth data to share in the roundtables that can sharpen your sales process – for example: Saturday phone enquiries are generally 50% shorter than weekday phone calls.  You’ll be blown away by what we have found and the checklist we can provide you to go back to sharpen your skills so every prospect has a profound experience in your club and becomes a member.

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The Sales Tools & Processes That MUST BE Updated To Increase Sales

In a competitive marketplace, it is essential to take advantage of every sales opportunity and have a ‘One Change’ Mentality if you want to succeed. Many Clubs and Studios are losing sales and members and don’t know why. During this Roundtable with Steve, he will outline the processes and tools you can update that will help you and your team to make it easier for prospects to buy instead closing hard and endless tedious follow up.

Learn how to:

If so, join Steve on his Roundtable and learn how have a competitive advantage.

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How to Drive Revenue, Retention, and Engagement with Digital and Group Fitness

Discover valuable insights to boost your fitness business with a focus on creating a seamless brand experience for your members, tracking and boosting engagement levels, and optimising class schedules. Glen brings over 23 years of fitness industry experience to the table, with expertise in club management, member retention strategies, and operational excellence. He is a go-to resource for creating sustainable and cost-effective digital fitness business solutions that attract and retain new members. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn from Glen and take your fitness business to the next level. Register now for this informative session.



Ken Baldwin

Nadine Kemp

Scott Hunt

Fiona Kriaris


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Michelle Furniss

General Manager, Truecoach by Xplor

Michelle Furniss is the General Manager at Xplor Technologies – a global platform integrating SaaS solutions to support fitness businesses of all sizes, from personal trainers and coaches to fitness studios, gyms, health clubs and leisure centres. Michelle has worked at Xplor for over 10 years in senior leadership positions and spearheading commercial activity. In her spare time, Michelle is a qualified personal trainer, sports massage therapist and avid marathon runner.

Belinda Amis

General Manager, Fernwood Fitness

Turning her passion for health, fitness and wellness into a lifelong career, Belinda boasts over three decades of experience in the fitness industry assisting hundreds of clubs and business owners to maximize their business potential. After ten years within the Fernwood brand, Belinda truly embodies Fernwood’s ethos to, ‘Empower women to shine’. As General Manager, Belinda plays an integral part of Fernwood’s continued success, working across multiple teams, projects and partnerships.

Ken Baldwin

Functional Ageing Specialist, Movement & Wellness Educator

Ken is an ex military Physical Training Instructor with over 30 years experience in the Fitness Industry. Ken is extremely passionate about sharing his knowledge in all areas of training including Group Fitness, Personal Training, Club and Studio Management. As Owner & Director of Education & Training for Perform Better AU, Ken is continually developing education content for CEC accreditation with his current passion being the combination of key Functional Ageing & Movement Programs, Neuroscience Connections, Mindset & Habit Coaching.

In 2019, Ken was inducted  into the Fitness Industry’s ‘Roll of Honour’ for Outstanding Services to the industry and also recognised as a ‘Game Changer’ in the industry and one to watch. 2019 also sees the launch of the MEND™ program and the Healthy Ageing Institute, focusing on the areas of education for those working with the Active Ageing population for a healthier life and reducing instances of preventable Chronic diseases

Nadine Kemp

Regional Executive Manager, YMCA Victoria

Nadine’s has over 25 years’ experience leading teams across the Health, Fitness, Aquatic and Recreation. She has worked in commercial health clubs, council operated facilities and a wide variety of YMCA managed facilities. In her current role Nadine, Regional Executive Manager at YMCA Victoria see oversees over 700 staff and 10,000 members. During her career Nadine has have helped shape the careers of current and future leaders in the Y and within the wider fitness and recreation industry. Nadine has also shared this experience, learnings and successes with the broader industry presenting at numerous fitness business events.

Scott Hunt

CEO at Fit Your Ability, Fitness Enhancement Personal Training and Fitness Enhancement Franchising.

Having started Fitness Enhancement in 1999 as a 19-year-old on $400, I grew the business to the largest independent Personal Training company in QLD.

In 2013 we franchised and are now Australia’s third largest Personal Training company with either our own staff or franchisees across every Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Brisbane suburb and areas of Sydney and Melbourne.

We’re looking forward to helping more new successful franchisees in our existing cities and new Australian cities!

Fiona Kriaris

Health & Wellness Product Manager, YMCA Victoria

Fiona has been working in the Health & Fitness industry for almost a decade, her role in YMCA Victoria is overseeing health & fitness for 50,000 members and 6,000 staff. During this time, she has created a mindfulness product called Mynd Wellness which has been up-scaled across Australia, along with virtual meditations globally. Her studies extend internationally from UCLA at the Mindful Awareness Research Centre, as she brings global lending trends to a local environment.